Digital Harmonic Founder interviewed on Bloomberg Radio

Our Founder Paul Reed Smith and CEO Scott Haiges were honored as they went live on Bloomberg Radio—“the world’s only global 24-hour business radio station”—to discuss Digital Harmonic, on Thursday, August 17 at 4:45 PM Eastern Standard Time. For more information, please  contact us.

Introducing Digital Harmonic

Legendary guitar maker Paul Reed Smith (founder of PRS Guitars), a team of renowned scientists and physicians, and a former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration are launching a new technology to develop enhanced, sharper X-rays while significantly reducing the amount of radiation exposed to patients and medical providers. The new company, Digital Harmonic™ […]

Digital Harmonic Welcomes CEO Scott Haiges

Today, we’re pleased to introduce our new CEO, Scott Haiges! Scott comes to us from the venture capital world and has over twenty years of experience building and selling technology companies. He will be responsible for operations and business development. Scott was enamored with our technology from the first time he saw it, and after […]

Living Within the Quadrivium

Classical scholars may only describe the connection between geometry and music through the quadrivium—four of the seven arts associated with a liberal arts education—but Paul Reed Smith lives within that nexus. Smith is a respected master luthier and the founder and owner of PRS Guitars. His state-of-the-art factory produces finely crafted, high-end instruments that are […]

Math, a “Monster of a Shark,” and Digital Harmonic

All his life, 60-year-old Paul Reed Smith has loved guitars. But he hasn’t loved math. At least, he didn’t think he did. It’s true that the founder of PRS Guitars, located just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Stevensville, had parents who were mathematicians; his father was very involved in radar projects during World War […]

How Digital Harmonic Aims to Help the Fight Against Cancer

PRS Guitars is synonymous with rock music and arguably some of the best guitars around. So some people wouldn’t expect to hear the name Paul Reed Smith in the science community…until now. Smith started a Columbia-based company called Digital Harmonic with the hopes of providing life-saving data for patients with breast cancer. Smith said this […]